TOtally over the mOOn**)

Well, La Luna has officially more than two hundred members on our Facebook group and were totally over the moon! What’s got us even more psyched, is that there seems to be more… Continue reading

For the love of Scarborough

This mind needs to process many recent memories to remeber the details of the last session I experienced. Hmmm… Ok, I think I remember all the nitty-gritty details (except the date and what… Continue reading

Mind Explosion

Seated at work, stretching my arms to reach the keyboard to actually type, when in fact I am ” prohibited”  from floating amidst cyber space…and sitting down for that matter. The centre is… Continue reading

Alexa-Storms’ custom made Alpha board :)

The inspiration and longing to acquire another board was thanks to lovely Aaliya flower 🙂 During La Luna’s first skate session I tested all the other ladies boards and Aaliyas board captured my… Continue reading

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Approximately a week ago, the ladies Yumna, Aaliya, Nicole, Ashley and I, plus a brothah Bojan jammed a slide session at the Cable Car parking lot once again. We seem to possess immense… Continue reading

Sliiiide and gliiiide

Sliding seems to be my new found love. Some beings dig bombing, some dig cruising and some (such as me) diiiiig sliding. Yeah buddy! My sliding techniques are minimal for now, but what… Continue reading

Just Cruising…

These are the first photographs that were ever posted of the La Luna ladies. Four of the photographs are instagram images which were captured during our first cruise along the Promenade amidst Sea… Continue reading

Aloha skater sistahs!…and brothahs :)

The fact that a group of female skaters within Cape Town, South Africa have nucleated to create a crew and encourage other ladies to skate is apparently the first in the history of… Continue reading