Aloha skater sistahs!…and brothahs :)

The fact that a group of female skaters within Cape Town, South Africa have nucleated to create a crew and encourage other ladies to skate is apparently the first in the history of South Africa (please correct me if I am wrong).

What initially started off as just a cruising session, turned into a conglomeration of colourful and enthusiastic ideas, thoughts and crazy hand gestures. La Luna is slowly but surely becoming a platform for chick skaters of Cape Town and eventually South Africa and eventually the world (no, we are not planning on dominating the world…yet) to share the euphoria and eternal happiness of skating the asphalt wave, plus sharing photographs, inspiration and sessions within our neighbour hoods.

Skating has evolved into much more than just cruising, shredding, bombing and stokage in general. This is the beginning of a skating revolution…its a movement brothahs and sistahs.

Continue sharing the love and contagious happiness 🙂

Blessings ❤

La Luna