La Luna logo in motion

The idea to create a logo for La Luna was decided as soon as we all first met. Initially the creation of the logo was “assigned” to Zeenat, but eventually we all decided we were keen to share our creativity and feelings towards La Luna. Zeenat posted a digitally created image upon the La Luna Skateboard Sessions Face(toilet)book group and the support and criticism was rather major, but obviously appreciated. Unfortunately the first attempt at a logo was deleted off the group, because it was (and still is) under construction πŸ™‚Β  I took it upon myself to attempt sharing my envisioning of the spirit and energy of La Luna Skate and the feedback has been beautiful and inspiring to my heart.

The black and white photograph was a second drawing outlined in ink, so the detail was more obvious. It was decided that the board needs to be more evident and that perhaps safety gear needs to be drawn, since we are attempting to share the necessity for safety.

Every body continued to type “colour! colour! colour!”, sooo I gave them colour πŸ™‚ The drawing was not altered, but I thought that perhaps adding colour would share my perspective better and allow the other ladies to view the attempt in a new light. When I envisioned the La Luna logo, I imagined psychedelic colours and flower-power typography reminiscent of the sixties. Psychedelic, trippy surf stickers that another sistah of my soul possess’ triggered this inspiration πŸ˜€

Any who the logo is still a project I am currently working on, as I’m still playing with the positioning of the board and various slide movements, as well as colour, but evidently, the creation of the logo is predominantly about the elation and enthusiasm experienced whilst emitting my creative thoughts into The Universe as well as the stoke shared by all the La Luna chicas when I show them the logo attempts πŸ™‚

My humblest thanks for sharing this journey of ultimate groovy stokage sistahs… Aaliya, Nicole , Ashley and Yumna, you ladies are legendary πŸ™‚

Love and blessings as always ❀