Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Approximately a week ago, the ladies Yumna, Aaliya, Nicole, Ashley and I, plus a brothah Bojan jammed a slide session at the Cable Car parking lot once again. We seem to possess immense fondness for the view of Table Mountain 🙂 We began at the top of the parking area, testing each others boards, loosening trucks and all that jazz. Eventually a few decided that they prefer another board compared to their own…although that may have just been my assumption, as I had decided that I preferred all the others boards more than my own cruiser.

Eventually we descended to a parking area just below us, which was (and I suppose still is) of a greater incline than the previous parking lot. I was rather skeptical about our decision to venture down yonder (even though I had suggested it), as the parking lot came to an abrupt halt (as all parking lots do) where Mother Earth regained her land. As soon as I notice an ending to a road/ asphalt wave, I tend to become rather dubious of my “skill” of carving within the area and not bailing into the dead end. It was soon realised that I was not the only sistah feeling so.

As Nicole, Aaliya and Yumna practiced their gliding curvature hand slides, Ashley and I attempted stand-up slides. It was soon shared to me that the way in which I was attempting to slide was impossible! I was not sure how something could be impossible when everything is possible… Ashley has also been told that she is learning backwards. Apparently there are certain “guidelines” as to the routine of which slides to learn first? I thought skating was about jamming what ever feels the most natural? Sooo, I suppose that if the way in which feels natural to me is impossible then I shall make it possible and name the slide after myself “The Lexi”. Hahahaha, that was a joke by the way 🙂 Any who I am allowing my thoughts to wander away from the actual topic. Me rambling. Hmmm. While Ashley and I were arguing our points about sliding to Bojan, Aaliya drifted past us and whispered “Just glide guys, just skate and be free!”. Awe, to that! So we stopped debating and just skated 🙂

Regarding the fact that only Aaliya and Ashley possess gloves at present, the rest of us were constantly stealing theirs to slide, slide, slide 🙂 Eventually when we had become comfortable with skating the bottom parking lot, and Brothah sun was immersing us in shade, we ventured back to the top parking lot, where we had begun the session. Of course we only ventured, once Bojan showed us a few groovy Coleman Slides.

Up above, where the sun was shining and the weather was sweet…yeah 🙂 Aaliya tested her lumo pink board, Ashley and Bojan…were just being themselves :p Nicole and Yumna kindly created an obstacle course for me by situating themselves in the centre of the parking lot (seriously, I’m actually stoked they did that, it was jolly 🙂 ) and I slid, and cruised and carved and slid and “cccccrrrrgghhhh”. Hmmm yeah 🙂 Occasionally I was joined by Aaliya and Bojan, to share a slide or a cruise, but I felt I needed to give Aaliyas’

board back to her as I was completely and utterly dominating her board. Yes, it was mean I know.

Nearly five hours later of skating, a couple of bails and soul smilage felt all around we decided to mission to our separate homes, but not before admiring the beautiful magic of the mist enveloping Mother Ocean and eventually the ancient wisdom of the mountains. We were all shrouded in a cloak of vapour.

Awe to the next session!

Blessings ❤


Sublime Table Mountain. The Heart Chakra Centre of Mother Earth.

My Tortoise Shell…adventures await 🙂

Take your pick…

Aaliya the lady of the “Natural Flow” gliding and sliding 🙂

Aaliya sistah again. From one side to the next.

Prior to sliding into Ashley 😀

Ashley comparing the length of herself to her board? Or pretending to be Wednesday Addams? I’m not too sure :p

Nicole’s stoke face 😀

Bojan showing us how it’s done 🙂 Coleman style.

Getting a feel for the board.

ASH and Ash… 🙂

Yumna and Ashley cruising to opposite ends.