Alexa-Storms’ custom made Alpha board :)

The inspiration and longing to acquire another board was thanks to lovely Aaliya flower πŸ™‚ During La Luna’s first skate session I tested all the other ladies boards and Aaliyas board captured my attention indeed. The shape of her board was initially my first attraction, but then after actually cruising upon her board and getting the feel of it I vowed to myself that an Alpha was the way to go for now πŸ™‚ The thought of skating an Alpha board all of my own, was merely just a floating idea for a while, but finally I contacted Kent and inquired about the appropriate shape, the length and of course the price. As much as we would all love to just splurge on a board, a less expensive board is usually more appealing. Of course the cost of my Alpha creation has no relevance regarding the reason as to why I wanted one though. Just saying.

Kent was extremely stoked and amped to create a beautiful board for me to progress on. The shape chosen from the Alpha samples was as I stated above inspired by Aaliyas “Natural Flow” board πŸ™‚Β  I reckon my analysis of which shape and length to choose was unnecessary, and afterΒ  many a message, I finally decided to just let Kent do what he does best, and love the outcome regardless, not that I doubted his ability in the slightest, I think I more doubted my judgement of what was best for me. I asked Kent if he was groovy with the idea of me creating my own artwork beneath the board as I decided that adding my own creative energy to the board would add a special vibe and finalise that she is mine. Oh the attachment… mine, mine, mine! Haha. He was completely groovy about the idea of me creating my own art piece, so I gave him the thumbs up, to begin the process of creating the “Alphie” board (the name of the sample shape).

During last week Thursday, I ventured to the Alpha workshop, to measure the board and just check the beauty out πŸ™‚ It was radd to chill with Kent again, since the last time him and I had shared a few words and space was whilst at a mutual buddies house, upon a hill, nearly three years ago. Sha-wow! Life just continues forwards without hesitation. Live life now! Hmmm, my thoughts constantly stray from the initial story, but its difficult to not share the continuation of thoughts relating to a previous thought. Me speaking and thinking in loops and circles. Anyway…

The following day, Friday was THE day πŸ˜€ I frolicked to the Alpha workshop once again to fetch my beauty of a board which is known as an “Alphie”, but I decided a few minutes ago that I shall like to dub my board “Maitreya”. Kent proceeded to grip-tape the board in black and blue (unfortunately he did not possess any greeeeeen grip tape 😦 ), stick stickers and place on the Randals trucks. Mmmmm yeah, my board was finally looking edible, hmmm what? I meant skateable. Haha. Oh gosh this is my tired humour creeping in. Once Maitreya had been completed, Kent shared to me that he needs to capture a photograph of me with my new creation. I nearly ran a mile. Me behind a camera lens is ultimately groovy, but me in front of a camera lens is another story. Besides the fact that I am incredibly shy in front of a camera, I am also lucky enough to be possibly the most un-photogenic being upon Mother Earth. No jokes…so me in an actual photograph is a no. Just doesn’t work that way. I eventually had to give in though, because he wasn’t budging with his camera. He captured a photograph or two whilst still inside, but then whilst we were sharing goodbyes he decided that a few photographs outside would be a groovy perspective too. Why Kent? Why? I stood against the wall with my new beauty, but I completely ignored Kent and his camera. Yip.

It may seem as if I am striking a pose in the photographs, but tis me avoiding the glare of the camera lens. Stoke may not be the first word that enters one mind when checking me in the photographs, but I was so darn tired all I wanted to do was sleep for eternity and then possibly skate whilst sleeping. Stoke, stoke, stoke is all I feel when I glance and skate upon the now dubbed “Maitreya” beauty πŸ™‚ An artwork shall be created beneath the board soon enough, so watch this space πŸ™‚

A post about the actual process of creating an Alpha board shall be posted with photographs soon, so keep your eyes open for that as well πŸ™‚

Well now I need to drink more tea, so I may warm my bones, because I am ice, but not as cold as in Switzerland!…during Winter. Hmmm, yeah anyway. I’m not even sure if these sentence constructions create any sense any more, because I need to sleeeeep and travel along the astral planes.

Continue sharing the shiny stokage brothahs and sistahs.

Light and blessings ❀