Mind Explosion

Seated at work, stretching my arms to reach the keyboard to actually type, when in fact I am ” prohibited”  from floating amidst cyber space…and sitting down for that matter. The centre is barren (yes, I work at a mall. Shock, horror!), a desert wasteland of lost souls. I envision cruising along the smooth tile floors, and wish that skating was encouraged in malls. Haha. Wishful thinking.

As the concrete jungle continues to hustle along with the illusionary reality of modern society, and this temporary vessel patiently waits for the concept of time, this mind drifts else where.

It is a foreign concept to me to be sharing my thoughts upon a blog for the world to examine, but I may as well, since writing seems to be one of my favoured forms of self-expression and creation of understanding not only for others, but for myself. The fact of the matter is that I just need to write and since the pc is the closest conglomeration of atoms to me at present, I am taking advantage.

The next venture in this current life journey is what occupies this mind at present. The Universe does indeed function in mystical ways. My heart and soul are beyond elated to be finally experiencing my dream, experiencing the reality of my greatest passion in life. It does bother me, that it may not be possible to bring my Maitreya along (my board), and that I may possibly not skate for the next three or four months, or even longer… Ha! I got you there, didn’t I? You probably thought I shall be galavanting across the globe skating radd hills. Mmm, that is a beautiful thought though. Well I suppose skating is one of my many passions and loves, but ultimately it is not the reason I wake up in the  morning. Ok, well essentially I have been waking up, just to skate, buuuut, my passion is towards life in general, all beings, Mother Earth, Father Sky  and the love of living a pure life, sharing a positive message of light and the panna that resides within us all. Yes, I am often stereotyped as a “hippy”, but dub me whatever you wish, I am who I am. I’m clearly not the “conventional” hippy though, I skate maaaan! Haha. Hardcore hippy. Pffffft, yeah sure.

The last skate session(s) I shall experience amidst the Mother City for a while shall be in the morrow and during Sunday. We’ll be the subject matter for another sistah of mine Claudia Emanuel, who is studying photography. The topic she needs to cover is “Natural Environments” or something to that effect. Skating photoshoot, woop! I hope she gives us a few of the photographs or allows us to use them upon the blog. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!

Ok, too many bored souls are waltzing into the store. Before I write a novel and the manageress stumbles upon my naughtiness (innocent naughtiness), I shall blast QOTSA and bid farewell to the few who may or may not read this.

Check you on the flip side of something radically colourful 🙂

Continue shining sistahs and brothahs. As always skate safe and share the AWE-ness 😉