For the love of Scarborough

This mind needs to process many recent memories to remeber the details of the last session I experienced. Hmmm…

Ok, I think I remember all the nitty-gritty details (except the date and what day of the week it was :/ ), plunging into Mother Ocean and all, but let me start at the beginning of the mission.

The plan was for Ashley and I to meet at the Cape Town train station at 10ish am, but as usual I was late for my own arrangement, so I arrived approximately 30 minutes later. When I did eventually arrive Ashley was shouting my name from the opposite direction in which I was skating. To my delight Nicole had ventured to meet us as well, and her and Ashley had decided that we should mission to Scarborough. Enormous beaming smile upon my face 😀 Yeah buddy! Thankfully Nicole had driven to the station, so there was no need to hike from Simons Town up to Red Hill.

Kindly I asked if we may please pass through Scarborough instead of Simons Town so I may relish the beauty and serenity of the village. Nicole was stoked that we had decided to drive theough Scarbs as she was able to check out the line up at Misty Cliffs. Fat stoke face again 😀

We said “hello” to Scarbs and then continued the drive through to the side road by the navy base on top of Red Hill (I haven’t the foggiest clue as to what the name of the road is… Klaaiwater or something of that sort :/ I don’t know mian).

It took a while for us to eventually begin skating as we all absorbed the silent sublimity of the area. Yes, that is one of the many reasons I absolutely love Scarbs. Ashley decided to tuck on the hill even though she had never skated the hill before. Silly silly, and thumbs up 🙂 Alas, she bailed and now possess’ roasties as a memory of the radical day.

Ashley tucking on ze hill... prior to bailing :P Yeah buddy!

Ashley tucking on ze hill… prior to bailing 😛 Yeah buddy!

We skated up and down the hill, just becoming comfortable with the feel of the road and dodging the occasional car. Nicole decided that she would be our spotter for a while as we were  unable to see the cars speeding around the bend. She perched herself at the top of the hill, so she could notice cars striding from along the main road and from the navy base in the opposite direction. We derived hand signals for “on coming car on the left hand side” (wave of the left arm), “on coming car on the right hand side” (wave of right arm) and “road clear” (wave of both arms). Clever huh? Yeah we’re intelligent, we know. Haha. Ashley and I became slighlty bored of just skating the same small hill, and Nicole needed to skate so ventured toward the navy base further up the road. As we were pushing uphill (I understand pushing up hill is exercise, but seriously an engine of some kind needs to just vapourise when skating up a blerry hill…seriously) we stumbled upon a marching troupe of military men. ‘Hup, two three, four, give it up, two, three four!’ Ok they weren’t truly chanting those exact words, but I like to think they were. Ashley and I stood with the brothahs for a photograph or two, and it was groovy 🙂 Although it was rather paradoxical regarding the fact that they were carrying guns, whilst we smilingly shared the peace sign. The hippy skaters strike again. Haha 😀

Deciding to venture forth towards the military base

Deciding to venture forth towards the military base

Peace to all beings...even beings who carry guns

Peace to all beings…even beings who carry guns

To continue skating to the desired starting point we had to continue pushing uphill… Finally once we arrived where we felt comfortable to begin from we skated all three together. I wasn’t wearing a helmet (not by choice, I had left it at a sistah), so I was feeling a tad sketchy, so I foot breaked the along the majority of the road, and I’m glad I did, because at the base of the road, where we were originally skating, there is a rather hectic bend into the road and if one fails to flow along with the turn, well then you’ll probably fly right off the mountain side. Flying has always been a beautiful thought, but I would prefer to fly with wings. Any who Ashley butt boarded towards the bend, Nicole foot breaker down the hill and I became fed up with foot breaking, so I walked. Yes, I am capable of being fearful at times as is every other soul…I’m working on it ok.

Pushing and skating up-hill

Pushing and skating up-hill

The starting point...

The starting point…


We continued to skate, whilst attempting to tuck, sharing the knowledge we do possess of a good tuck. Once we were satisfied we realised that we probably needed to begin the journey back towards the Mother City, to drop-off Ashley at work. Before the venture back though, we decided (although I had already planted this idea in their mind :P) that we needed to embrace Mother Ocean. Ashley was intent on swimming, Nicole was two-minded and I wasn’t entirely convinced yet. Whilst staring into the abyss of the Ocean, I ripped off my clothing and plunged myself into the surging power of a wave. Soon Ash and Nicole were beside me, their souls beaming at the invigoration that is invoked by the element of water 🙂 After a few more plunges into the water, we decided that the moment had arrived for us to begin traveling back towards the concrete jungle… Mmmm Scarborough you sublime energy of love you 🙂

A radical day of stoke was shared as always 🙂

Skate safe, keep sharing the stoke and remember to smile…bru!