TOtally over the mOOn**)

Well, La Luna has officially more than two hundred members on our Facebook group and were totally over the moon!

What’s got us even more psyched, is that there seems to be more Chica’s skating than ever before!

More females are keen to explore the spaces around them to shred, sliding and bomb hills in this concrete wonderland.

We’ve really had some hectic bailouts, close encounters and crazy times thus far! However, we’ve  endured and certainly triumphed amidst the anarchy of it all.

There was immense sadness when having to bid farewell to our skate soul sistah, Alexa-Storm Hartman, as we wished her the best on her mission. She left to set up a sustainable Perma Culture village in the Eastern Cape, to help heal mother earth and then set off travelling to India on her spiritual exploration. It’s has been a honour to meet such a pure soul, that is Alexa-Storm Hartman.

La Luna supports her in her travels, wherever they may lead her, Bon Voyage!

Awesomeness to all the newbies for joining in. Skating with you ladies has been most sublime:D

On the horizon we eye ourselves linking with even more female skate crew’s. In the bigger spectrum we plan to do more to support and raise awareness for all women. We are in the process of planning our very first FUNdraiser, which ought to be an epic one, don’t  worry we’ll definitely keep you posted on the details.

But for now , we’d like you to meet the new members on the Facebook group for skate sessions around the Mother City.

So lets get organised, lets go cruisin’ the streets or bombing the hills. Let’s get out there!

To the La Luna members  we pose  the following questions to introduce La Luna & give you as a skater an idea of what our group’s about. If anyone knows of cool places and spaces to skate out, just give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or whatever.

1. When did you start skating and why do you enjoy it?

2. Where’s your favourite skate spot?

3. Any skating events you’re looking forward to this year?

4. Aside from skating what else are you passionate about?

5. Mention 3 things you cannot live without and tell us why?

6. Who are the skaters that inspire you to push harder?

7. So what do you think the future holds for the La Luna’s?



  1.  Started skating in 1998…guess I was always intrigued by it so I finally managed to get a street board and learnt the basics. I enjoy the freedom of being on the board and surfing the paves since it’s been a lifelong dream to surf so it was second best. I love the speed release, reclaiming my freedom and “zoning in” when skating solo. Nothing comes close to that stoked feeling of AWEHNESS J!
  2. My favourite spot for cruising would be Sea Point promenade since it feels like I’m riding the oceans waves on me board cos the seafront runs alongside the street, Table Mountain road/parking lots and any spot that connects nature and roads/hills. I dig skating cities too, its such a cool way to discover a new place when travelling. My first city which I discovered on me board was I miss those days..skating was my transport and I’ll never forget skating home at dawn and having the city all to myself..aaaahhh bliss!!
  3. Guess any local skating event is something to look forward to since the events are growing these days, whether it’s a city night ride, a slide jam, a social push or a competition. I’m stoked to check them all out when I can. I’d definitely love to check out international skating events in the future.
  4. My other passion is spent in my “work”- Aromatherapy, retaining my connection to Nature through Essential Oils and making healing Aroma Body Essences. Seeing the joy in my clients’ eyes when they feel and identify with their scents. Living holistically is important to me, being true and real to others and myself. Always trying to keep the balance between my heart, mind and soul.
  5. Faith, Love and Freedom. Faith- keeps me sane, Love- keeps me warm and Freedom- keeps me alive.
  6. Wow, there are loads of amazingly talented skaters out there who inspire me: Internationally: Gina Mendez, Alicia and Carmen, Bekks, the Westcoastin babes, the LGC ladies and the legends: Peggy Oki, Patti “the Original Betty”, all the Z-Boys, Locally: the La Luna Ladies for sure, Marco, Wayne, Amin and all the cool skazers out there who keep doing what they do and making it look so damn easy! Big Ups to all of them!! Deep Respect and Admiration!!
  7. I wish La Luna’s growth and recognition will influence people to assist and support female skaters unconditionally and freely because it has been a real personal mission in getting that. Definitely encourage more females into skating and promote skating in the underprivileged areas where it’s much needed. For us its not about the Fame..its all about the game of skating as a means of freedom of expression, release and sharing the stoke!! 


  1. I started skating when I was 9 years old so its been 12 years on and off,,, I enjoy it cause its my way of kinda escaping from the crazy life of college and work
  2. Anywhere seeing that I’m just starting out but Scarborough is amazing and Keizers of cause 
  3. YIP! Hot Heels Africa its an amazing comp
  4. Photography!
  5. Photography, Skating and Swimming its all amazing things that brings joy and happiness to my life
  6. Bojan Basic and Richard Dweza close friends and amazing skaters
  7. Lots of amazing and crazy adventures


  1. I started skating four years ago, I know I suck co’s I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat and vrek scared of breaking me bones. I enjoy it co’s its free and not harmful to the environment, I also love the kick–push cruz motion, moving between worlds from the vantage point of my board.
  2. I love Mossel Bay, I’ve only ever skated there a couple of times but there are concrete waves enough for every type of skater.
  3. I look forward to every full moon, there’s this race that happens every full moon called moonlight mass, where cyclists and skaters ride alongside each other on the streets of Cape Town CBD. 
  4.  The Ocean, Music & Photography.
  5. Love (Boyfriend,Fam,Friends&Dogs)because it’s my primary Motivator 2. The Ocean it’s where my inspiration lies 3. Hope when I feel I’ve lost it, it always finds me_ we’re inseparable
  6. Peggy Oki she’s a living legend. I guess the locals that inspire me are Marco Morgan for his speed and technique, Wayne Moses for his sliding and mad switch foot skills. Bojan Basic for his style and agility & Armin Arnold Gray for holding the title of the highest Ollie on record. Kent for shaping more boards than ever imaginable for locals & visitors alike.
  7. Lots of Adventures and co labs with girl skate crews .Hopefully we’ll raise enough funding to back one of our skaters to race competitively .Primarily we’d like to promote freedom of movement through skateboarding and encourage more females to skate and explore the world around them without preconditioned fears or phobias. 


  1. I think i started in 2008 when I skated with Nicole and Aaliya.
  2. Table Mountain Cable-way parking lot
  3. Our La Luna Fundraiser in Oct and the end of the year IGSA racers at High Rising and Hot Heels where we get to see sum international female skaters down here.
  4. Making clothing
  5. love and support from my loved ones, living on the coast -beautiful beaches and being free to do whatever I want when i want.
  6. The La Luna ladies: Aals,Nixie,Ashley& Alexa and Marco- they are legends who inspire me BIG TIME 
  7. I love that La Luna expresses skating with a mission of uplifting ad encouraging people to experience the ride. La Luna also makes people aware that YES women do SKATE. Hoping that La Luna Sk8s will become the biggest female skate group in Africa with a cause to raise funds thru skating positively! Share the Love, Share the Ride 


  1. If I remember correctly I was skating the roads of Kom by the age of nine, but when I moved back tot he city I ceased skating and became preoccupied with other activities and sports. I skated occasionally during my teen years, but I never possessed my own board and I was always skating other brothahs boards. Finally last year with the helpful persuasion of my mom, I purchased a groovy flexi Fibretec board and I re-connected with skating 🙂Whilst skating one is able to create a sense of freedom and sublime happiness, that is impenetrable by doubt or lack of stoke 🙂 and when you bail all you’re capable of doing (and want to do) is laughing, grimacing and continuing surfing the asphalt wave (unless you’ve bailed so hard, you’re incapable of even walking :/ yeah that’s not so groovy).
  2. Hmmm, there are a few favourites for various reasons… The Sea Point promenade for a chilled cruise, the cable car parking lot for sliding and bailing, Scarborough military base for fun and testing my fear. I look forward to exploring more areas, especially within the Eastern Cape 😉
  3. The La Luna fundraiser, that I hope I’ll be amidst Cape town to experience and HHA, as I may decide to venture down for that.
  4. Life…Mother Earth, Father Sky, art, writing, healing, music and wandering are my passions… in a nutshell. What I occupy my soul with every day is the reason I love, smile and immerse my feet in the soil of the Earth 🙂 My passion is shared at home, outside shrouding my heart and spirit in my surroundings and untouched landscape of Khula Dhamma.
  5. Oh golly that’s a difficult question to answer! Hmmm besides my board… Mother Earth and Father Sky (obviously), love and strength. Sentient beings would not be of existence if it were not for this planet we live upon named Earth. Humans too easily forget about this spirit we underestimate and take for granted. If it were not for the star stricken galaxy to dream upon and Brothah sun did not smile upon  my face each day and the crystal rain drops did not shroud the Earth each season and Sister Moon did not wax and wane to greet me with various expressions, I’m unsure of whether I would exist or whether any being would exist. The Earth and Sky depend on each other, just as the Moon and sun are dependent on each others life force. We as humans are dependent upon all these life forces and elements.
    The reason I am “who” I am, the reason I am “where” I am and the reason I am living my life’s passion and dream is becasue of having to learn to rely solely upon myself and no other humans. Having to learn to be practical and accomplish everything myself. If I need something I’ll source it, if I want something I’ll create and construct it…
  6. Erm…myself as I am the only being who is able to create my choices and  motivate myself to push myself as far as possible, only I can achieve overcoming my fears… Skaters that are inspirational to me are the chicas of La Luna the likes of Peggy Oki, Pam Diaz, Alicia Fillback, B Bekks, the Z Boys (who are the pioneers of skating as it is, have to send respect to them!). Locally I will always admire the guys who inspired me to begin skating again  when I was a teen and again those who I met and skated with this year and last year (a few I barely know, but respect majorly) and are  legends within themselves: Richard Dweza, Atilla Hery, Matt Arderne, Anton Pratt, Benjamin Malherbe, Josh Smit, Dean Lundall, Decio, DJ, Wayne Moses, Marco Morgan, Bojan, Kent Lingeveldt, Billy Thomason and a little lady named Cheri Morris who is travelling to live her dream of skating 🙂 Its those souls that create the biggest impact on  me… I could continue writing an immensely long list, but that’s that in a nutshell 🙂
  7. To be honest I believe the sistahs of La Luna and the spirit as a whole are able to accomplish anything they set their heart upon, because they are a group of such diverse personalities.  I envision a shiny and smiling future, because their intention for skating is not solely ego driven. They are beings of wisdom, compassion and they are all open-minded individuals who wish to educate others about much, but especially about the freedom of skating and surfing… Respect and eternal love.