The initiative and creation of La Luna Skateboarding :)

The ladies of La Luna are female Cape Townian souls who are dedicated to sharing the stoke of skateboarding (specifically Longboarding, but any skating is viewed as radd in our eyes šŸ™‚ ), through encouraging females to pick up a board and either cruise, shred or bomb a hill. The La Luna sessions are of course attended by females and males alike. We are keen to skate as a ladies crew, but we are amped to learn as much as possible form the guys as well šŸ™‚

The ladies who initially created the idea of setting up a chicks skating crew are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but welcome and invite all sistahs, of South Africa or Mother Earth in general to share their skating sessions and photographs.

We will be blogging about La Luna skating sessions amidst Cape Town, posting as many photographs as possible to collaborate with the written words and anything regarding skating or the arts that inspire us šŸ™‚

Awe! Skate hard, skate safe, and enjoy the euphoria.
Sweet Vibes šŸ™‚

Love and happiness to all.